I have had the VantagePoint software for several years now. Before using VP, it seemed my trading was hit and miss. I started with a few of the futures sectors as I must admit I was skeptical. I traded the first three months using my paper trading account only. Whenever I had a problem or question; the Customer Support team was right on it and the problem or question was immediately resolved. I kept a record of all my trades and was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy. When I started live trading, I was still somewhat skeptical. That all ended after I made a profit on my first ten trades. Since then I have had a 75% – 85% success rate. The more I learn to use it, the more I hone my techniques and the more confidence I acquire. Hence, the success rate increases. As a result, I have expanded my VP to include FOREX and ETF sectors. In the past, I have subscribed to various predictive newsletters and services. They charge a good amount of money for their services. The accuracy does not compare. VP is also very cost effective. As can be seen from my picture, VantagePoint enabled me to pay off my dream car and to upgrade it several times. It’s also nice to have the extra income to buy a few toys that I would like to have, but not need, to reward my self. If you are serious about making money in the markets and being successful, this is one of your most valuable tools. If you are willing to put in the time to really learn to use it, you can’t help but be successful. That is the key to the whole experience. IF YOU HAVE VANTAGEPOINT YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE.