I have been a Real Estate investor for many years and wanted to diversify my investments. I got into trading socks and options about a year ago and it has been a whole learning experience with a lot of downs at the beginning because of late entries and early or late exits based really on news and greed for the most part. I bought the VantagPoint program about a month ago and it was a great experience from the beginning . I started when the sales rep. (Brandy) called me to give me the live demo of the program. I was impressed by the program and Brandy’s professionalism but I took a week to do more research and make sure I wanted to do the investment. After I decided to buy it, the whole team was very helpful and courteous, from the techs to install the program until Jason, my account manager who spends time with me teaching me how to use the program to maximize profits. I recommend this program to anybody that is serious about making money investing in the market and has the discipline and commitment to work it and do your homework. Excellent tool. I got my money invested back the first week of trading only with the program guides.