I started with VantagePoint more than 20 years ago, by attending a one hour presentation from the developers of the software at an annual event in New York. Looking back it was the best one hour investment of my time ever, as far as trading is concerned. I was fascinated the impact of intermarket relationship and the predictive power of the software on various markets. Initially I started with using the software to predict overall market direction and watch the indices. The system was impressively accurate over short term horizon. Over the years I have expanded to venture into markets and trading opportunities on a much broader and global horizon and have used the amazing predictive power of this key tool to grow my IRA account to a comfortable level. It has improved significantly my entrees and exits into the trade also reduced my trading risk to a much lower levels. There is a strong and dedicated team behind this great tool. Starting from my Account Manager, Joyce is very helpful to keep me updated and current in product development and leading the way for new opportunities. The Technical and Customer Support staff is very prompt, courteous and have can-do attitude. Whenever I run into problem, they are always there and takeover my computer and make it work. They are very courteous and reliable folks. I know them by first name basis. The team works very hard on building very strong relationships, so you do not feel alone. There are tremendous educational and extra training tools and webinars available to improve your trading and profit opportunities. VantagePoint has become key element of my trading, with the complexity, volatility and interdependence of global markets one cannot do the analysis on their own. It is an extremely powerful tool, and using simple road mapping analogy, it is the GPS for maneuvering the roads wild world of trading!