I have been playing in the markets for several years, and losing quite nicely. As you can imagine, this was both frustrating and demoralizing. I can testify that watching your money disappear is not a pleasant experience. I have purchased several software packages and educational programs on the markets. Each wanting more money with the promise of even greater returns. Key concepts from support and resistance to supply and demand, everyone had their own novel way of beating the markets. Although I was getting better in anticipating the next direction of market sector movements, it just wasn’t enough. I was not improving the way I needed to. I needed more. That’s when I found VantagePoint. It was the edge I needed. VantagePoint gave me the tools to take that next step in my trading. The charting interface and the all the predictive indicators made it so easy to find established trends, as well as early reversals. This additional information allowed me to make over $10,000 in the first week alone. I’m here to tell you nothing is full proof but VantagePoint has given me the confidence I needed to advance to the next level in my trading. It is a must have odds enhancer for any serious trader. In addition, the customer support is one of the best I’ve encountered on the web. Their people are friendly, kind and very responsive: a true pleasure to work with.