Just a note to tell you how much like the AI (VantagePoint) program. I have used a lot of other fibonacci focused charts for years and never have I seen results as I have with VP.  The confidence builder is off the charts for me personally.

I can tell you I have/had 2 option trades that yielded 1400% on one (which I cashed out) and another that is over 500% gain that I still remain in.  I have a lot less stress about losing and why to stay in a trade when other indicators are telling me to sell.  That personal stress is finally seeping out of my trading days.

I am very happy with the service and your patience with me to learn the system.  I am not retired, but when I do, it will be doing this daily.  In the last month I increased the value of one portfolio over 40%!!

I thank you for all the education and support along the way.