I purchased VantagePoint over other trading software because it has proven to many people that it has a high degree of accuracy. As a trader, one of the most crucial things I want to avoid is getting emotions involved in my trading. VantagePoint has been helpful in giving me the confidence to either swing trade or day trade while diminishing the fear of losing money.

The support at VantagePoint has been amazing. They have answered all my questions exceptionally well. When I ask them to call for support, they do not miss the scheduled time. I am able to trade the markets two days in advance over other traders which is a great feeling! Even though I started with a small amount due to the brutal exchange rate in South Africa, VantagePoint has given me the opportunity to visit my family more often. I trust that VantagePoint will give me an opportunity in the future to spend more time with my family and also allow my daughter to go to school trips like other kids.

Most importantly, I believe that VantagePoint will allow me to have the financial freedom I have been working hard for every day in my 8-5 job. I’ve tried saving money in banks and haven’t seen reasonable accumulations. But, now I can work every day with the knowledge that the 8-5 job is definitely not my future. Thank you, VantagePoint!