I have been trading for about 2 years only in stocks, mostly long term stocks with good dividends. I have not done too bad but could have done better. I was not always sure when to buy and when to sell often losing out on profits and losing more than I’d like when the markets declined. Using VantagePoint has given me more confidence to identify buying opportunities, to know when to get into a stock as well as setting stops to get out and limit loses with the market turns. The use of VantagePoint’s IntelliScan software makes reading the market trends and stock indicators easier to read and follow helping me to make better decisions. VP is easy to use and understand, it also offers short but valuable video tutorials. Their Customer Service team is top notch. I have been interested in Forex and ETFs but did not have the confidence to risk my money in other areas of investing but with VantagePoint, I am looking forward to trading in those areas in the future.