I have been trading for about 5 years and to say I have a modest account size is a bit of an understatement (less than $2000 total assets). I came to the conclusion very early in my trading that in order to have any consistent success I needed to find a better and less time-consuming way to analyze a market.  Each of the tools I have tried gave a great picture of yesterday but no indication of what tomorrow might look like. Many hours of pattern mapping for a 40% to 50% chance of a correct trend setup or turnaround did not make for a successful trading plan. I was then introduced to VantagePoint. At first glance, I thought it was a very expensive proposition. It was valued at almost 4 times more than what my entire account held at the time. But a couple of demonstrations and several conversations later, I bought the software. I have been using it on live trades after a 98% success rate on paper for about 2 weeks.  In that time, my YTD P/L has gone from -$368 to $189. Using what I learned about how to use VantagePoint and how to read its indicators, it has cut the time necessary to find a potential trade down from most of the day to an hour or so. I’ve gone from spending hours hoping to find one opportunity per week to finding several opportunities per day. The time I’ve saved and the accuracy of the software has allowed me to manage more active trades at a time.  All in all the price of the software was well spent and I fully expect to see my “modest” account become a much larger account.

To those on the fence about purchasing the software, it works. Once you have it in hand and go through the training, it will become a valuable and trusted tool.