When I decided to get back into trading in the market, I made two major decisions – to concentrate on options and to find a system that would allow me to make informed decisions so that I could make my own trades. I realized that trading, for many, is considered to be too involved without advice from a broker. Not only is that the most expensive way to trade, but in my case, taking a broker’s advice cost me my life’s savings. I started looking around and tried 5 or 6 systems, two were well known, even to me. They weren’t what I was looking for. Then along came VantagePoint. I was skeptical at first about their principle claim to fame which was the neural index and it’s 87.4% accuracy. Well, I have found that 87.4% is conservative. I am still learning but grow more confident daily. I have even started trading ETF options, something that I shied away from in the past, and found them profitable and fun to trade with my VantagePoint system. Currently, I use the IntelliScan with the Medium Term Cross Days Ago and follow the indicators across the neural index and difference trends. I rely on Candlesticks with Short, Medium & Long Term Predictive Differences along with a Strength indicator. Next comes the Neural Index with a 4, 10 & 18 day Moving Averages. Then I use the TSI. Finally, I check my data range on the candlestick chart with three month and one year views. The Profit Calculator is also a favorite of mine. Yes, I am still learning all that VantagePoint has to offer. It is a phenomenal program – the best for trading that I have encountered. I would hate to trade without it and recommend it to anyone serious about making money in the market.