I have traded stocks and options for quite a few years, and with a modicum of success. I had tried following various “experts” with mixed results. Then I heard about VantagePoint and gave it a try. Being cautious, and having been bitten in the past by less than stellar software, I mainly paper traded for about a month.  The results were very promising! I continued paper trading, but also taking some live trades. With about 50% winners, at first, I quickly improved. Using the tools in VantagePoint, I could identify and quickly dump losing trades, and let the winners run. Pretty soon I began to recognize the setups of questionable trades, and the losing trades became fewer and fewer, while the winners kept running. I started with VantagePoint in October, 2015, and by December, I had gotten to about 65% profitable trades. I bought the “VantagePoint Power User Training Series,” and it made a huge improvement in my understanding and use of the software. It turned out to be an excellent learning tool! January 2016 was a real test of what I was learning, with the market making triple digit moves in one direction one day, and the opposite direction the next.  At this point I’m enjoying about 75% profitable trades. I’m able to cut losers quickly, and let the winners run. I am getting to feel very comfortable with VantagePoint!