Prior to finding VantagePoint, I had been an unsuccessful trader for about 3 years. The frustration of different trade information was everywhere. I listened to so-called “gurus” and their daily picks only to realize they were trying to influence the commodity for their own gain. I’d follow penny stock promoters (embarrassing I know) who only wanted to short the stock that they wanted us followers to buy. I spent hundreds of dollars on seminars for traders only to find out the speakers didn’t actually trade themselves. All this led me to believe that only those on Wall Street or working for financial institutions were the only successful traders. It was towards the end of my trading account that I came across VantagePoint which I was, naturally skeptical about. After watching the videos of those who had had success with VantagePoint I was still a bit skeptical but decided to call anyway. After speaking with the gentleman 3 times over the course of 2 weeks, I decided to make the purchase.

Let me just say that this was the best decision for my family that I have ever made. The customer support has been nothing short of amazing with a special shout-out to Josh. Even after the training period where we screen-shared the support has been nothing short of amazing. Just knowing that I can contact them at any time, even a few months after purchasing, is a great feeling. Thanks to Josh’s training and ensuring my charts were set up correctly for my trading style, my first live trade (I strongly recommend to paper trade first so you understand how easy it is to interpret the predictive signals), I made more than I had made in my previous years of trading.The company I traded was one I had never heard of and didn’t see any news about, yet two days after VP indicated a crossover, the company was up $2/share, still on no news.

As I continue to make profits from VP I have been able to finish paying my student loans and change my full-time job to part time to concentrate on other interests and actually enjoying life! My final hope is to save up enough to allow my mom to retire and perhaps even purchase her a house.

Just knowing that I have a portfolio of stocks that I can look at each evening and know precisely which ones I want to trade has helped me immeasurably. My only regret is the years wasted but better late than never. Thanks guys for everything!

Wesley K.