I learned about VantagePoint Software back in October 2007. At the time, I was busy being a single father but always wanted to learn more. I quickly learned that while moving averages are good, I would need more to increase my confidence and trading results. VantagePoint has been able to provide that confidence with the US ETF sector, more than any other software I have ever used. VantagePoint’s support has been incredible. Paul set up an appointment and explained in detail how to get set up and understand the indicators and how to navigate the software with confidence. Every day after work, I look forward to reviewing the QQQs, and checking the SP500 for market direction (because boats rise and fall with the tides), figuratively speaking. Additionally, I use VantagePoint’s helpful feature called Intelliscan which helps narrow down the best opportunities. Some of my favorite features of the software is when the blue line crosses the black line and the neural index indicator which gives additional confidence where we may be headed for the next two days. I have found it very simple to identify the next day’s predicted range. VantagePoint has really help instill my confidence in making better trades. The software is easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their trading.