I am a gold trader in Thailand, experienced around 7 years. I know that many factors affect the price of gold and it is so difficult for me to analyze all of them. I lost many times because when the trend would change I was still stuck in the wrong positions. VantagePoint helps me identify trend changes based on crossovers and I am better able to position my trades. I can protect my capital not to trade against the trend or accumulate the wrong positions instead I do follow the trend.

VantagePoint gives me an early sign or before the change in trend. Every morning I make the note of the predicted high and low of Gold, Silver, and Platinum prices in a small piece of paper before going outside. VantagePoint has been very accurate and allows me to make the very best point before entering the trade and make the stop loss point. I was able to make back the money I invested in VantagePoint in 30 days. The program is very easy to use even for someone like me who is not the technical trader. The customer support is excellent and helps me a lot. I am so happy to use this program which will help me to improve my gold trading more than ever.