12 Leading Stock Market Forecasts from VantagePoint Software

12 Leading Stock Market Forecasts from VantagePoint Software

Every trader is searching for that little bit of edge that will help protect or grow their hard-earned investments. When it comes to getting ahead in the market it’s vital to have the right tools. VantagePoint has been providing traders with market leading forecasts, up to 86% accurate, since 1991.

Watch the video below as we show 12 recent stock market forecasts that were available to our customers. If these are the type of returns you want to start seeing give us a call today and ask about our Christmas in July promotion.

  • Encana ($ECA) 78.9% profit in 105 days.
  • Skechers ($SKX)  70.29% profit in 65 days
  • Yamana Gold ($AUY) 43.8% profit in 42 days
  • Starbucks ($SBX) 10.89% profit in – 45 days
  • Darden Restaurant ($DRI) 13.44% profit in 44 days
  • Alliance One Intl ($AOI) 73.36% profit in 43 days
  • Walt Disney ($DIS) 7.32% profit in 24 days
  • Sears Holdings ($SHLD) 43.3% profit in 30 days
  • Chipotle ($CMG) 11.21% profit in 13 days
  • Amazon ($AMZN) 8.52% profit in 7 days
  • Google ($GOOGL) 27.19% profit in 12 days
  • Netflix ($NFLX) 15.22% profit in 8 days

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