From humble beginnings selling books in a garage, Amazon has grown into a multi-BILLION dollar a year company.

What is their secret? Two words… Artificial Intelligence

Amazon has put AI at the forefront of their business model and the results have been staggering. Watch this short video to see how they do it.

While Amazon is using AI to improve the customer experience, we’re using AI to improve the way you trade. By utilizing patented neural networks and machine learning through AI, Vantagepoint is able to:

  • Spot trend reversals 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy
  • Analyze the global market relationships that drive and influence prices
  • Time entries and exits with precision for maximum profitability
  • Identify optimal trading opportunities in just minutes

Isn’t it time you used Artificial Intelligence to improve the way you trade? More than 30,000 traders already do… so why not you?