This Artificial Intelligence Software is Helping Traders Cash in on Oil

Even though you are benefiting at the gas pump, you may be frustrated to have missed profiting from the tremendous downward move in Crude Oil futures. Still, market volatility should continue well into 2015. So it’s time to ask yourself – is scientifically proven Artificial Intelligence Software exactly what I need to improve my trading results?

So how do traders predict where Crude may be headed?

It is helpful to view the commodity’s drop in another context. Analysts have repeatedly debated whether the 2014 collapse in oil was at the hands of supply concerns, or decreased demand expectations.  However, the answer might be simpler than supply and demand.  Another explanation could be that the value of crude oil hasn’t really changed relative to other assets, but because the world prices crude in dollars, the price adjusted to account for action in the currency markets.  Simply put, a majority of the drop in crude oil could, arguably, be explained by a stronger dollar.  In essence, when the dollar is stronger, it requires fewer of them to purchase crude oil.

It is these type of intricate intermarket relationships and economic analysis that even the savviest traders can miss. What’s needed is a process to consider all inputs and then predict future outcomes.

Enter AI Trading Software

These interconnections can’t be understood or adequately visualized on a chart. The only way to grasp the significance of the effects of related markets and quantify them in a systematic manner is through the use of sophisticated, complex mathematical processes such as Artificial Intelligence. AI uses ‘neural networks’, a mathematical approach ideal for finding hidden patterns and relationships in global market data.  Neural networks are a sub-category of the mathematical discipline known as ‘artificial intelligence.’

VantagePoint Software employs neural networks to help traders of all levels. The complex calculations are done for you so you can feel confident trading volatile markets like Crude Oil futures because you have a significant edge on traders employing traditional technical analysis. This advanced trading technology is exactly the right tool to increase your confidence in unknown market conditions.

VantagePoint Software Demo