Did You Miss Out On The BIG Money? See How Our Stock Study Can Help

Learn how VantagePoint Helps Traders find the BEST timing for their trades

I want to alert you to an important resource on our blog – our weekly Stock Study

Each week we delve into a stock that has caught our eye.  It’s sort of like hanging out at our office water cooler. We’re always keeping an eye on the chatter, what the A.I. from VantagePoint says, and hoping that traders don’t get snookered by media or talking heads hype.

Vantagepoint AI's weekly stock study

Or there’s a stock identified by the A.I. that everyone has overlooked.

Either way, it’s a great way to show you how the artificial intelligence can help you hit that trade timing sweet spot.

Here’s what’s in the Stock Studies:

  • First, we look at what the stock is, what sector/asset class it’s in, and what they represent. It’s good to know the lay of the land so to speak.
  • Next, we take a look at what the analysts are saying about the market, and sometimes it gives us an idea of why someone is doing some heavy marketing about the stock.
  • Then we look at the historical data around the stock.

This is the point where most products for independent traders stop in their chart analysis.
Most products only rely on lagging data.  We call that driving down the freeway with your windshield blacked out trying to navigate using your rearview mirror.  The opportunity for disaster is high!

What Set Us Apart Is That Blue Line

What makes VantagePoint different is our patented PREDICTIVE blue line!  Each week we look at the forecast of that blue line tracking 1 to 3 days ahead of the market.  Traders using VantagePoint can see where their stock is projected to go with up to 87.4% accuracy.  That’s far better than any Wall Street Guru or hit-and-miss lagging data.

We also review the Neural Net Indicator for the stock.  We’ve been training our neural networks for over 30 years and our machine learning keeps getting smarter and growing in accuracy.  The Neural Net Indicator is a quick, visual indicator from our artificial intelligence as to whether to take a trade with confidence, hold a trade you’re in, or exit your position.

Our A.I. has been a remarkable tool in these unprecedented times.

  • VantagePoint alerted traders to the COVID crash well in advance so they could protect their capital
  • VantagePoint forecast the oil collapse last April giving traders time to set their stops or get out
  • …And each week we continue to find markets with especially insightful A.I. forecasts to share with you

Throughout 2020 we heard over and over again from our traders about how important the information from VantagePoint was to them.  They were able to set their stop losses, mitigate their risk, protect their capital, and find opportunities for impressive growth especially in swing trading where volatility can be your trading success secret.

I encourage you to visit our blog and take a look at our Stock Studies!  They aren’t meant to be trading advice, just a great way to learn more with a stock we think is interesting.

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We love seeing our traders succeed; empowering traders daily is actually our mission. We make sure you have the training, information, and resources you need to use VantagePoint to meet your trading style.

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