Everyone Can Use Some Encouragement.

Last week, I mentioned we supported USF’s VetSuccess program with a donation for Memorial Day.  I was so heartened (but not surprised) by how many of you said you were glad we did that and that you also support local charities – and in some cases you even run an organization.

We enjoy challenging ourselves so we can do more for charities, especially Shriners Hospital for Children, on behalf of our entire Vantagepoint family. We know this can be a scary time right now for children and those in need.

In times of uncertainty, we can all find ways to support each other! 

While we recognize that our regular donations are important, we also know that the connection we have our Shriners kids is important too.  So just like they made some videos for us, we made a video for them!  We’re all working remotely right now, so we used our phones to make a special video for “our kids” and their families.

Check out the video we sent to them –

Vantagepoint Sends Message of Encouragement to Shriners Families

You were so great responding last week – I’d like to know more!

Email me back and let me know what charities or non-profit organizations are important to you or if you run a charitable organization yourself.

Vantagepoint traders all seem to have a similar mindset – do well and do good!  If you aren’t using VantagePoint, click here to find out how you can and become part of our family too.