What Futures Market Traders Need to Know

If you’re trading the futures market you probably know that one of the biggest challenges lies in accounting for all the different factors that affect each market. Sure, you know relationships exist and that markets are inter-related – but how do you apply this information to make your trades more profitable?

Watch the video below to see how successful traders are using VantagePoint’s deadly accurate market forecasts to quantify market relationships in order to get into profitable trades sooner and place more effective stops.

We demonstrate the power of predictive forecasts by looking at recent moves in the U.S. Index ($IDX), Gold, and Light Sweet Crude Oil.

How VantagePoint Predicts the Futures Market

Behind the hood of VantagePoint’s powerful trend forecasting capabilities are two patented technologies. The first, which performs intermarket analysis using neural networks and the second which transforms that data into leading market indicators.

Since the futures market will often have big, trending moves, timing is the key to success. Rather than miss the onset of a big move, such as the 2-day jump in gold as seen above, traders can get in sooner and capture more of the profits by using predictive indicators.

The math and science behind this powerful trend forecasting software, which is literally impossible for the human brain to compute, produces forecasts for the futures market that are proven to be up to 86% accurate. To see more and find out how VantagePoint can improve your results in the market, fill out the form on the right and a representative will contact you to schedule a personalized demonstration.

VantagePoint Software Demo