Technical Analysis is simply a reaction to past price action. If you really want to get ahead in the markets then you need to get ahead of the movements. The most proven way to get ahead is through the use of Trend Forecasting

By analyzing the markets with a global perspective and using market leading indicators, trend forecasting anticipates what is going to happen, with a high degree of accuracy.

In the video below we analyze 4 different markets to demonstrate how VantagePoint utilizes this technology to make accurate, leading predictions about price movements in the market.

Forecast #1 – Lululemon ($LULU). 10 trading days – 4.96% return – $3.20 per share.

Forecast #2 – Whole Foods Market ($WFM). 90 trading days – 46.80% move to the upside – $17.78 per share followed by 28 trading days – 7.80% move to the downside – $4.33 per share. Total profit potential of $22/share.

Forecast #3 – Smith & Wesson ($SWHC). 19 trading days – 6.42% move to the upside followed by another .5% gain in the last 5 trading days. (PS – Did you see what happened to this stock today? VantagePoint was ready for that 15% jump – were you?)

Forecast #4 – Light Sweet Crude Oil. 14 trading days. $4.01 move to the upside. Total profit per contract = $4,010.

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Trend following needs to be a thing of the past. Leave your losses behind and find out how VantagePoint can transform you to a consistently profitable trader today.

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