Looking for the Most Accurate Stock Forecast?

Today’s volatile markets leaves many traders scrambling around the Internet, blogs, Social Media and news outlets looking for any glimpse of hope they can get to better protect their nest egg. But what if it was more simple than that? What if there was a piece of software that consistently produced the most accurate stock forecasts to help you enter and exit trades with precise timing and increased confidence?

Last week we took a look at some recent forecasts for Gold, 1-800 Flowers and Canadian Solar. If you missed that blog catch up here. We showed you how VantagePoint’s deadly accurate forecasts could have resulted in the following for you:

  • Over $14,000 USD in just 2 trades of Gold.
  • 32% profit 8 trading days on 1-800 Flowers $FLWS
  • Profits of $8 per share in 11 trading days on Canadian Solar $CSIQ

This week we’re continuing that conversation by taking a look back at those exact markets to see just how much of an impact you could have made to your bottom line simply by picking up the phone and investing in VantagePoint Software one week ago. You can see from the moves below that you can easily recoup the cost of your investment in a very short time. Again, if the most accurate stock forecasts are what you’re looking for then look no further than VantagePoint

Identify the Best Trading Opportunities

What makes VantagePoint so powerful is its ability to analyze markets from a global standpoint using tons of data and science behind the scenes. The use of Neural Network software correlates data across 25 related markets for each target market, providing accurate forecasts. The Intelliscan feature easily identifies the best opportunities for you to act on, which eliminates the noise and clutter and allows you to focus on what matters: making more money.

Hold Positions through Confusing Volatility

Many traders lack the confidence necessary to stay in positions when the markets become volatile. The confirmation you get from the proprietary indicators within VantagePoint will make you feel at ease knowing that you know, with a high degree of accuracy, when to enter and exit positions to capitalize on the most profitability.

VantagePoint Software Forecast