Leadership Comes In Many Forms

You may remember that last year my eldest daughter Rachael decided she wanted to do something to help other people. She did quite a bit of research on her own and discovered she could donate her hair for wigs for kids undergoing cancer treatments or other difficult diseases.

This year, my daughter Abby decided she was ready to do the same!

Vantagepoint's future leaders

Abby discovered that an important part of leadership is compassion. She specifically chose the Children’s Cancer Center here in Tampa Bay to donate her long locks to for wigs kids can style/cut themselves. Abby has her own unique style and it was important to her that whoever received her hair could have a wig that was styled just for them. She also discovered that it feels really good to be a compassionate leader – I’ll let her describe that feeling for you herself.

As a family-owned business, it is not enough to be managing our company for what’s happening today; we are duty-bound to have an eye on the future. We are watching Abby and Rachael explore how to be leaders, the importance of our core values, and why paying success forward in any way that we can is vital to our personal and professional success.

We are working right now to ensure the success of the company for years to come.

Have you had any surprising lessons as a leader?

I’d love to hear about them and share them with Abby and Rachael. You can email me at lane.mendelsohn@vantagepointsoftware.com.

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