The first thought many traders have before investing in a new tool is – How easily can I make money trading with this? A return on your investment is important, which is why the team at Market Technologies has invested millions of dollars and over 3 decades of research, development, and support in order to provide traders with the absolute best in market forecasting software. In the video below we’ll demonstrate how traders can make money trading with VantagePoint right off the bat.

VantagePoint’s accurate market forecasts allow traders to feel confident about finding the right trades and staying out of choppy sideways markets. Once a trading opportunity is identified, VantagePoint will help traders manage their positions with the predicted moving average, the next day’s predicted trading range and the predicted neural index.

Forecasts for those looking to make money trading now

In this video you’ll see forecasts for the following:

EnCana ($ECA) decreased 47.94% or $6.76 per share in the last 60 days. 1000 shares of this stock would have made you over $6000 in just 1 trade to the downside.

Skechers ($SKX) increased another 23% in the last 5 days. It’s now up 105.67% in the last 74 days. It’s easy to see how to make money with VantagePoint simply by following the indicators.

We also take a look at some long positions in Gold and Light Sweet Crude Oil for those who are trading commodities.

Ready to make money trading?

Regardless of what asset classes you are currently trading, VantagePoint’s market forecasts, proven to be up to 86% accurate, can help investors of all levels make money trading in the market. With increased confidence and consistency, profits will surely follow. an absolutely obtainable goal. Want to see a forecast for another stock? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to follow up with you.

VantagePoint Software Forecast