With the recent fall of consumer confidence it is increasingly important that traders have a consistently reliable and accurate trading strategy that can keep their head in the game and their emotions checked at the door.

Taking a look at the VIX ($VXX) we can see that VantagePoint Software accurately forecasted the volatility. The confidence lost when the market becomes volatile can easily be restored with VantagePoint’s advanced notice of trend changes. In our latest video we take a look the Dow ($DJIA), Bebe ($BEBE) and Kohl’s ($KSS) to examine how traders could have used this information to pick up on profitable trading opportunities in order to make smarter trading decisions.

Overcoming Volatility

The DOW ($DJIA) suffered a pretty hard blow yesterday, falling 298 points and continued on that decline throughout today. The average trading, without the right intelligence and tools in their arsenal probably would have lost money with that sharp moves after many days on the rise. VantagePoint traders were aware of this trend 2 days ago and were able to position themselves accordingly.


Short Term Trends in Market Forecasting

Despite the decrease in consumer confidence, we were still able to find some positive momentum in fashion retailer Bebe ($BEBE) which has increased 8% over the last 4 days. Following the indicators in VantagePoint, in just 3 moves you could have made a 58% profit. It really is as simple as trusting in the global market analysis that takes place behind the scenes.

BEBE - Market Forecast in VantagePoint Software

Long Term Trends in Market Forecasting

Maybe you’re the kind of trader who prefers to buy and hold positions for a longer time period. VantagePoint predicted Kohl’s ($KSS) to go up back in January and this stock is still on the rise. Trusting the predictive indicators in VantagePoint would have put 25% back in your pocket in just one trade!

Long Term Trend Stock Forecast in VantagePoint

Volatility affects every market and every trader. A lack of confidence is the primary reason over 90% of traders are unsuccessful or breaking even. VantagePoint customers have accurate information that allows them to anticipate moves in the market and take trades with confidence.

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