How to Predict Market Movement in Advance

How to Predict Market Movement in Advance

Imagine if you could predict market movement before it actually happened.
Would that improve your trading odds? Of course it would!
Would your trading confidence get a boost because of this information? Yes!
Would you reduce your losses by getting out of a trend precisely when it’s over? You bet!
Would you make more money catching a bigger piece of that bullish trend? Absolutely!

The Problem

Traders get in on a trend too late or get out of a trend well after it’s already ended. This cuts into the potential profits they could have made, and potential losses they could have avoided. Herein lies the problem; relying on outdated lagging indicators that tell traders what has already happened. Looking backwards doesn’t do a trader any good. In fact, all those trading ‘gurus’ and newsletters and trading strategy books rely on those outdated lagging indicators. This might have worked for traders years ago. But now, we live in a globally-connected economy that is information driven. The price of a stock can skyrocket or plummet in an instant because of a news story that breaks halfway around the world. Entering and exiting the market using outdated information doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Solution

Smart traders rely on VantagePoint Software to predict the market movement in advance with up to 86% accuracy. Simply put, these traders no longer rely on outdated lagging indicators but instead predictive leading indicators to influence their trading decisions. How does it work? VantagePoint Software uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to analyze the relationships of the globally-connected markets, how they’re intertwined, and how they influence eachother. With deep learning using neural networks, VantagePoint is able to predict market movement and trend direction changes 1-3 days in advance with up to 86% accuracy.

Take a look at EZCORP,  a leading provider of pawn loans in the United States and Mexico. Using the predictive indicators in the software, VantagePoint predicted a bullish trend starting on July 18th when the blue line crossed over the black line. This was a clear indication to traders that they could begin taking long positions.
predict market movement

Now, look at EZCORP today. That bullish trend continued with the blue line still above the black line. Some traders might have been scared off by the sideways movement on the market, but the forecast by VantagePoint never wavered. Traders knew to continue to go long. By getting into this bullish trend as soon as it began, traders were able to catch a bigger piece of those profits. And once that blue line crosses below the black line, traders will know, with confidence, that they can exit the market because the trend is over.
predict market movement

Are you ready to predict market movement with VantagePoint?

Sign up today to receive a FREE personalized demonstration of VantagePoint. See how we use our Artificial Intelligence software to sift through massive quantities of financial data, uncover the hidden patterns of movement and use that information to accurately and consistently predict market trend changes in advance. VantagePoint is trusted by more than 25,000 traders in 114 countries. Are you ready to join them and drastically improve your trading success?


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