Getting ahead of market trends by spotting early trend reversals

Stock traders know that when a trend reversal is imminent, getting into position at the right time can make all the difference. Options traders can benefit from early indication of a trend change which tells them where to place calls and puts. But without a crystal ball, how can the average trader know what is going to happen in the market before it happens?

VantagePoint Software uses proprietary technology that forecasts the market and indicates trend reversals using 3 indicators: The Simple Moving Average (SMA), the Predicted Moving Average (PMA) and the Predicted Neural Index (PNI.) [Learn more about our indicators here]

Traders can rely on the 86% accuracy of our 1-3 day forecasts that show a very clear trend reversal when the blue predicted line crosses above or below the black line, indicating the trend will change direction. The Predicted Neural Index serves as confirmation – showing the overall strength of the trend. When it’s at the 1 position the trend is showing strength and when it’s at the 0 position it is showing weakness. Watch the video below to see 5 real examples of where VantagePoint’s leading forecasts accurately predicted these winning market moves. ($BIU) 25-day move that resulted in 10.3% gain or $19.79/share

Williams Companies ($WMB) 20 day move to the downside that resulted in 9.18% gain or $4.87/share followed by a 4-day move to the upside that resulted in 25.88% gain or $12.53/share

EnCana ($ECA) 25-day move to the upside that resulted in 22.39% gain or $2.57/share followed by 33 days of a downtrend that resulted in 12.95% gain or $1.77/share

Alliance One Int ($AIO) 23 day move up that resulted in 78.7% gain or $1.06/share

Gilead Science ($GILD) A 30-day uptrend that resulted in 16.97% gain or $17.72/share.

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VantagePoint Software Demo