Today we’re looking at market reversals with the news out of Europe and Germany. We’ve seen major swings in the U.S. markets. If you’re not conducting a global market analysis on the markets you trade, if you’re not examining the relationships of these markets – how they push and pull each other in different directions, and to what effect, you may be missing out on major opportunities to make profitable trades.

VantagePoint analyzes 25-30 interconnected stocks/markets for each target market available in the software. The intermarket analysis that takes place behind the scenes gives traders the insight and edge they need to get ahead of these trends – making sure the trader does not miss a big opportunity.

Take a look at the below example of Alliance One Intl ($AOI) where VantagePoint’s predictive forecast alerted traders of a 30 day uptrend that resulted in 40% profits – followed by a 13 day downward trend with 2.25% profits and closed with a 16 day major move to the upside resulting in over 50% profits.

Ask yourself – do you have the tools and the confidence to make trades like this? That’s almost 100% profit in less than 60 days. It’s really no wonder this type of Global Market Analysis is helping traders all over the world.

For those of you looking to hold on to longer positions, we take a look at how VantagePoint’s Global Market Analysis alerted traders to 2 lucrative moves in Whole Foods Market ($WFM) that resulted in 46.48% in 90 days followed by a 66 move to the downside that resulted in 29%.

Lastly, check out this ongoing move in Skechers U.S.A. ($SKX) that is up almost 47% in the last 36 trading days. Are your trades panning out this well?

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