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The Buzz Surrounding Cannabis Sector Trading

There’s still some taboo surrounding trading in the Cannabis sector. But savvy traders are making a lot of money in this up and coming stock sector. VantagePoint AI has put together a COMPLETELY FREE, 15-page report on Cannabis Stock Trading to help you learn more about this lucrative stock trading sector.

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In all of my years trading I’ve come to appreciate that the difference between great traders and bad traders is whether they were focusing on what “IS” happening in the market or what “SHOULD” happen.

There is a new way to look at the Cannabis Boom occurring using artificial intelligence to remain focused on this incredible trading opportunity.

To make money you must move past opinions… and focus on FACTS.

The Cannabis trend is real. Very real.

I’m INCREDIBLY excited about the investment/trading opportunities that are available right now in the exploding cannabis and hemp industries here in the US and Canada. The legalization of this sector has huge upside potential as hundreds of billions of dollars enter into this space.

As of today, 32 out of the 50 US states have legalized the marijuana in just the past few years alone. Meanwhile in Canada Marijuana became legal across the entire country on October 17, 2018.

This spells MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY, for you and I.

Colorado has brought in over $1.1billion in additional tax revenue since Marijuana was legalized in 2014.

All in all, total cannabis jobs created over the past year are around at 211,000. But when you factor in indirect jobs (like lawyers and accountants), it’s more like 296,000 jobs. For context, that’s more than the employment in broadcasting, railroads, or even medical labs.

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