The Hidden Blessings of THIS Thanksgiving

It’s a different kind of year!

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection for me; I’m sure that’s probably true for you too.

For many of us this year is a little bittersweet on the surface. COVID-19 has changed the whole way in which we celebrate this national holiday. For some of us there are people who aren’t here to share the day with us and for others it’s the first time staying home….and cooking this time-honored meal for the first time.

Although we still excel at empowering traders remotely, I miss the daily rhythm of the team being all in one space.  We have such an amazing atmosphere in our offices and both my dad and I miss that energy.  Along with being grateful for the professional skills of my team, I am grateful for who they are as people.

Normally I host a giant Thanksgiving meal at the office the day before the break to let my team know how important they are to me; but this year since we’re not together physically, we got creative!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we had a zoom cooking class for our team with a local chef who coached us through making an amazing meal together.  It was fun, funny, and in the end… yummy!

Vantagepoint celebrates Thanksgiving with an online cooking class.

Even though we aren’t physically together, my team is still thriving, healthy, and our culture survives as strong as ever precisely because of who makes up our Vantagepoint team.

What are the surprising things you’re grateful for this year? Email me back and share them with me.

As we each create our own unique approach to the season of reflection, we can also be thankful that the pandemic has caused us to slow down a little, survey our lives a bit more, and realize how blessed we all truly are.

Enjoy a day of counting your blessings!

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