The Man Who Changed the World Of Independent Trading


I was recently interviewed for a financial industry trade publication and I was thrilled it gave me the opportunity to talk about my father, Louis Mendelsohn, and his influence not only on me but on the financial industry as a whole.

Louis Mendelsohn, the man who changed the world of independent trading

If you haven’t seen the video interviews with my dad on our YouTube site, I recommend you check them out (and subscribe to our channel!).  It was interesting to grow up with someone who literally helped change the world and his inventions continues to change lives but is so humble and truly a good person….and for me, just my dad!
My dad had the foresight to see how artificial intelligence could be used to help independent traders who wanted to control their own financial futures.

Today, artificial intelligence is deployed in everything – from shopping at Amazon to driving to creating art.  In some ways we take it for granted.  But I am still astounded that computing is just now catching up with the software my father created.

My father and I both love the intricacies of the markets, technical analysis, and technology. As a kid, my father treated me with respect as I learned about the markets and helped me to build my knowledge by giving me books and taking me to conferences.

One book he gave me was The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. It wasn’t overly technical, but it gave me a solid foundation of understanding.  When my girls get a little older, I’ll be sharing it with them too.

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