Hot Stocks Outlook for the Week of January 26th, 2018

The Hot Stocks Outlook uses VantagePoint market forecasts that are up to 87.4% accurate to demonstrate how traders can improve their timing and direction. In this week’s video, we analyze forecasts for Humana ($HUM), Home Depot ($HD), Genuine Parts ($GPC), Oracle ($ORCL), and Best Buy ($BBY).

This Week’s Hot Stocks Outlook

Humana ($HUM)

Humana ($HUM) had a predictive moving average crossover to the upside in late-December indicating a bullish trend. When that blue line crossed above the black line, VantagePoint users knew they could start taking long positions in this market. The Neural Index also supported that move to the upside. Since VantagePoint predicted that bullish move, the market was up over 15% in 17 trading days or $37.89 per share.

Home Depot ($HD)

Home Depot ($HD) is no stranger to the Hot Stocks Outlook. It was covered a few weeks ago and that great trend has continued. The market has a bullish crossover to the upside in early-November. This crossover indicated to traders that a bullish trend was starting. The Neural Index also moved into the “one” position confirming that market strength. Because of the VantagePoint indicators, traders knew they could begin taking long positions in this market. Since our coverage in early January, the market was up over 8% or $15.79 per share.

Genuine Parts ($GPC)

Genuine Parts ($GPC) follows the same logic. It has that bullish crossover in late-December. This was a clear indicator for traders to begin going long. The Neural Index was also at a “one” forecasting that projected strength. In18 trading days, $GPC was up 12.19% or $11.58 per share.

Oracle ($ORCL)

Oracle ($ORCL) had a crossover to the upside in early January. This told traders that if they wanted to start going long in this market, now would be the time to enter that trade. The Neural Index also moved to a “one” position confirming that short-term strength. In 12 trading days, the market was up by 6.80% or $3.27 per share.

Best Buy ($BBY)

Best Buy ($BBY) really had a great run to the upside with no indication of slowing down. The crossover happened in late November. Despite a period of consolidation in early January, that uptrend continued. Since that crossover of the blue line 40 trading days ago, the market was up almost 35% or $19.77 per share.