What Will Be Your Legacy?

We Can Help You Make It Happen

I recently had the opportunity to make one of my childhood goals a reality and in the process was able to create a legacy not just for me and my family, but for my entire community.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but I wanted to talk with you about the idea of a legacy.

My father and I are committed to empowering traders.  We know that when people are free from financial worries, they can create a better future not only for themselves but for their families and their communities.  I get emails regularly from traders who are doing amazing things like:

  • Running a non-profit for veterans
  • Creating a charity for families having difficulties
  • Paying for a college education for someone who is not related
  • Supporting the ASPCA with regular donations
  • Naming Shriners as their beneficiary in their will

The financial freedom to create a legacy, something that lives on long after we are gone, is part of a life well-lived.  Being able to use our personal “currency” to make the world a better place is truly gratifying.

Often, we think a legacy has to be grandiose; but in truth, it doesn’t need to be.

What do you want your legacy to be?  Email me here , I love hearing from traders.

One of my childhood dreams was to be able to have my own ranch.  A few months ago, I was able to make that happen!

Create Your Legacy with VP

My legacy, as a result of making my dream a reality, is that as our rural/agricultural areas slip away to development, I’ve been able to preserve a small part for my girls and hopefully future generations in our community.

One of my childhood dreams was to be able to have my own cattle ranch.  A few months ago, I was able to make that happen!

I grew up and still live in an area of Florida with ranches dotted with cows and horses but almost no streetlights; consequently, we can see the stars that fill the sky. Since there won’t be housing filling the acreage we were able to buy, others will be able to enjoy stargazing in our area too.  And of course, the special qualities of a rural lifestyle will continue for my girls, teaching them the values of caring for the land, for animals, for wildlife, and for all the peacefulness it brings to we humans.

As we prepare for a very different Thanksgiving this year, I hope you are finding many things to be grateful for; we are grateful you!

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