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VantagePoint’s Predictive Neural Index Verified by Independent Third Party

Wesley Chapel, FL, September 16, 2009 –-With all of the get-rich-quick schemes popping up in response to the current global financial crisis, VantagePoint Trading Software continues to be the world leader in market forecasting, as shown in a recent analysis by an independent third party.

The accuracy of VantagePoint’s Predictive Neural Index was verified by Dr. Gerald H. Meyer, currently a full professor and Director of Computer Science at LaGuardia Community College, the City University of New York, who served as chair of the Computer Information Systems Department for more than twenty years. 

Twelve markets were randomly selected from the 600+ offered by VantagePoint. Detailed methodology was then used to analyze data for a two-year period to certify the accuracy rate of the predicted neural index, which compares an actual three-day moving average with a predicted three-day moving average to forecast whether a three-day simple moving average of the typical price (average of the high, low and close) will be higher or lower in two days than it is today. Meyer found that the range of accuracy for all twelve markets selected was from a low 73.9% to a high of 83.2%, with the mean of all twelve markets at 78%.

VantagePoint Trading Software has been predicting market trends with nearly 80% accuracy since the software was first introduced by Market Technologies in 1991. VantagePoint’s high-probability forecasts of market trend direction helps traders anticipate changes in price direction, rather than merely identifying trends after the fact, and gives them confidence to take trading signals.

In addition, to his work at LaGuardia, Dr. Meyer has taught graduate level mathematics and computer science courses and has been invited to give lectures on computer security and programming languages. His consulting includes work with the development of efficient algorithms for computation of the elementary functions and an extensive statistical information retrieval system for doctors at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Before joining LaGuardia, Dr. Meyer was director of IT training at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Greater New York. He holds a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Brooklyn College and both an M.S. and Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Adelphi University in New York.

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