Market Technologies Donates to Corrie Eavenson Family Fund

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Market Technologies Donates to Corrie Eavenson Family Fund

Tampa Bay, FL, November 18, 2014 – Market Technologies, LLC made a donation to the Corrie Eavenson Family Fund. The money will be used to help raise awareness of the debilitating disease, Biliary Atresia and to help raise the needed funds to pay for Corrie Eavenson’s liver transplant, a young victim of this devastating disease. Founder Lane Mendelsohn and family participated in the 5k Fundraiser event.

Biliary Atresia is a rare liver disease where the common Bile duct out of the liver atrophies and toxins get stuck in the liver. Corrie was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia (BA) at 8-weeks old. At 9-weeks of age, she had Kasai surgery. In this surgery, her small intestine was attached to the base of her liver and stomach to give her liver a way to drain. The only cure for BA is a liver transplant. Corrie is currently awaiting a new liver.

As Corrie waits for her new liver, the community is getting behind her by holding fundraisers to raise money. The recent “Capes for Corrie,” successful fundraising event raised upwards of $4,000 toward that goal.

Along with donating money, Market Technologies also organized donations from other businesses in the Tampa Bay area and did the legwork to get those donations to the Corrie Eavenson Family Fund.

“In our business community, raising money for a worthy cause, such as Corrie, is not difficult. Our local businesses stood up and helped out. “Our community is the best,” said Mandi Mendelsohn, wife of Lane Mendelsohn, Vice President of Market Technologies, LLC.

The Eavenson family is grateful for all the business and personal donations they have received so far. The money is helping pay the bills and foster confidence they will have the resources to save her from this disease.

“Thank you Volunteers, Sponsors, friends and family for your generous donations and most of all prayers for Corrie’s healing and our family,” said Paige McQueen Eavenson, Corrie’s mother.

Donations can be made to any TD Bank, deposit to Corrie Eavenson Family Fund. Or mail to Corrie Eavenson Family Fund PO BOX 2334 Land O Lakes, FL 34639

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