President Lane Mendelsohn of Vantagepoint ai Interviewed Live on Yahoo! Finance

Lane Mendelsohn, artificial intelligence trading guru and President of software company invited to interview with Yahoo! Finance about cannabis stock bubble

Wesley Chapel, Fla, October 11th, 2018 – Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint ai, the company behind the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) trading software available to the retail investor and traders, was invited to do a live interview with Yahoo! Finance.

Wednesday morning, Lane Mendelsohn, artificial intelligence trading guru and President of Vantagepoint ai was interviewed live on Yahoo! Finance. The purpose of the interview was to get Lane’s expert insight on the cannabis stock sector and what his software is predicting in the days ahead.

With the legalization of cannabis, many traders and investors are keeping a close eye on the cannabis sector and it has been on a rapid rise. However, there has been some concern that the current bubble could be nearing a burst which is why they needed an expert opinion on the topic.

They brought on Mendelsohn because of his patented, artificial intelligence software that looks at stock market trend data and can foresee and predict when changes in direction are going to happen. In fact, it can forecast market trend direction up to 3 days in advance with up to 87.4% accuracy.

“It is important now, more than ever, with changes in regulations, to be very selective about which companies and which stocks people are choosing to invest in and trade.” said Mendelsohn.

VantagePoint uses a one of a kind method of pattern recognition that analyzes the impact other markets have on a specific market, called intermarket analysis which is not humanly possible to do without the use of this proprietary technology. That is why nearly 30,000 traders and investors have turned to VantagePoint.

You can get a free demo of the software at or by calling 800-732-5407.

Full video of interview available here.

About Vantagepoint ai, LLC

Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Fla., Vantagepoint ai, LLC, creators of VantagePoint software, is a leader in trading software research and software development. VantagePoint forecasts Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs with proven accuracy of up to 87.4%. Using artificial intelligence, VantagePoint’s patented Neural Network processes predicts changes in market trend direction up to three days in advance, enabling traders to get in and out of trades at optimal times with confidence.

Transcript of interview:

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: Well, cannabis stocks may be on fire, but my next guest is flashing some warning signs to investors. I’m joined now by Lane Mendelsohn, President of VantagePoint ai. Lane, great to see you.

Lane Mendelsohn: Thank you, Alexis.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance:: You use artificial intelligence, your patented software, to sort of look at trends in a particular stock, and you’re saying that the run-up in some cannabis stocks may be over.

Lane Mendelsohn: Well, you know, the last time I did a scan and I used our AI filters, about 35% of the cannabis stock that we were forecasting were actually forecasted to go down, so a lot of traders and investors think this is such a red-hot sector let me just throw a dart and whatever it lands on I buy it, it’s going to go up and that’s not the case, and that’s where a lot of traders and investors have been hurt. It’s really important right now more than ever with all the changing regulation that’s happening to be very selective about which companies and which stocks people are investing in and trading.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: What’s the criteria you use at VantagePoint when you look at a stock?

Lane Mendelsohn: Well, the real key to what we’re doing is we’re doing a very advanced form of pattern recognition using artificial intelligence. This is a patented technology that we developed to not just look at cannabis stocks because the cannabis sector’s not just driven by what’s happening within that sector, but it’s actually being driven by technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, even agricultural companies and industries, and so we’re doing what’s known as global Intermarket analysis where we’re actually mining data from all these other sectors, all of these other markets and stocks, for the purposes of determining what effect that will have on a particular cannabis stock or any stock for that matter.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: I want to talk about some individual stocks now that you follow. Canopy Growth up about 88% in the past 12 months. You brought along a chart to show us what your analysis is telling you. What are we looking at here?

Lane Mendelsohn: Well, the VantagePoint forecast was extremely accurate. You can see where it turned from red to green shading. That was the indication that this trend was going to begin going up, and it was dead on. The key here is that by using leading indicators we can know in advance when a trend is going to begin or when a trend is going to end, so we were able to forecast the run-up. As of right now, you can see that it’s starting to run out of steam as per the forecast and that was about 10 days ago, so this is where people that are trading the stock if they’re holding it they need to start watching it more closely. If they’re not in this stock, they need to really exercise caution and wait for the next serious indication.

Lane Mendelsohn: The problem is if you’re just looking at that stock alone, and looking at the chart patterns on that stock, you’re not going to get a lot of insights. You really have to look at the global picture and consider not just what’s happening domestically because this whole sector is global, the whole world is global, so traders and investors really need to look beyond even what’s happening in the U.S., beyond what’s happening in Canada, to really get a sense of where the cannabis stocks are going to go.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: Another one is Aurora that you follow, up 300% in the past year. Is this one going to be losing steam soon?

Lane Mendelsohn: Well, actually we forecasted this stock to go up, and we’re still forecasting it to go up, and I don’t think it’s going to lose steam. As per the VantagePoint forecast, it’s still saying the stocks expected to go up. Now, I believe that by the end of this month this company will actually be listed on a U.S. exchange as opposed to where it is now on a Canadian exchange, and I think that’s going to give it even further legs and cause it to go up even further. But as of right now the VantagePoint forecast is for this stock to continue going up.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: Now, another Canadian cannabis stock, Tilray, very volatile. The stock up about 500% over the past year but this is one that you don’t follow. Why?

Lane Mendelsohn: Correct. We follow it. We’re not actively forecasting this stock because we found using our pattern recognition technology that this stock is not as predictable, and there’s lots of reasons why a stock may not be as predictable as others. Our philosophy is if we can’t predict it with a very high degree of accuracy why bother. There are so many other stocks that we can forecast with such a high degree of accuracy. I believe the reason why this stock has been so volatile is because of the IPO structure and the low float, and that’s always going to cause a stock to be more volatile.

Alexis from Yahoo! Finance: Lane Mendelsohn of VantagePoint ai. Thanks so much for being here.

Lane Mendelsohn: Thank you so much.