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Market Technologies Releases VantagePoint Inter-Market Analysis Software for U.S. Treasury Notes, U.S. Dollar Index, and Nikkei 225 Stock Index

Wesley Chapel, FL, March 12, 1997 — Lou Mendelsohn, President of Market Technologies, Wesley Chapel, Florida, today announced the release of VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis software for five and ten year U.S. Treasury Notes, the U.S. Dollar Index and the Nikkei 225 Stock Index financial futures markets.

Mendelsohn, a world-renowned pioneer of microcomputer trading software, invented the concept of historical simulation and system back-testing in technical analysis software for microcomputers in the early 1980s. By the mid-1980s his concept of system testing had become the backbone of computerized technical analysis and spurred the creation of today’s multi-million dollar investment software industry.

For the past decade Mr. Mendelsohn has been a leading proponent of intermarket analysis to address the demands placed on traders by the globalization of the financial markets. Mendelsohn explains that “single-market analysis that looks only at one market at a time has become outdated and dangerous. Today’s globally integrated markets necessitate that traders have an intermarket trading perspective and analytic tools capable of exploring relationships between related markets that influence one another.”

Mendelsohn’s VantagePoint VantagePoint was first introduced by Mendelsohn in 1991 with the creation of the thirty year Treasury Bond system. The latest releases cover the five and ten year U.S. Treasury Notes, the U.S. Dollar Index, and the (Japanese) Nikkei 225 Stock Index. Market Technologies Corporation now offers twenty-one different VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis systems covering all major financial futures markets including Interest Rates, Stock Indices, Currencies, and Energies.

Philip Gotthelf in his recent book Techno Fundamental Trading states that “the result of Mendelsohn’s research studies at combining market-specific technical and fundamental analysis with intermarket analysis to form a synergistic forecast is a unique and increasingly popular software product called VantagePoint”. Gotthelf indicates that “since the training and implementation of neural networks is a complex exercise, many traders prefer a packaged approach. Products like VantagePoint are already designed and trained for specific markets. All that is required to run the models is current market data”.

VantagePoint predicts the next day’s high and low. It also predicts the short term trend direction of the market by forecasting moving averages for two and four days in the future. VantagePoint then implements a simple, yet powerful, moving average crossover methodology that uses the forecasted moving averages to identify tops and bottoms in the market as they are occurring.

By being able to forecast moving averages, Mendelsohn and his research team, the Predictive Technologies Group, have been able to turn moving averages from a “lagging” indicator into a “leading” indicator. This innovation has taken moving average analysis to a new level by overcoming the limitations of earlier moving average approaches.

Pricing and Availability Market Technologies licenses VantagePoint to individual and institutional customers. The software runs on IBM-PCs and is priced at $2995 for the first market, with substantial customer discounts on additional markets. Updates and revisions to VantagePoint are made available to customers annually. There are twenty-one VantagePoint systems currently offered, covering all major financial futures markets.

Market Technologies Market Technologies is a privately-held Florida company headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida. It is a leading developer of software for financial market analysis. Founded in 1979, the firm has customers in thirty countries. Market Technologies licenses futures trading software, provides consultation to its customers, and develops proprietary models that utilize artificial intelligence to forecast prices, moving averages, and market trends.