VantagePoint : Market Technologies, LLC Announces VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software Version 6.2 Release

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Market Technologies Announces VantagePoint Version 6.2 Release

Wesley Chapel, FL, May 16, 2005 — Louis B. Mendelsohn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Market Technologies, has announced the release of VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software Version 6.2.  This new release contains retrained Neural Networks for all 43 current markets as well as 9 new financial markets, bringing the total number of markets to 52.  Retraining the Neural Networks can enhance the program’s predictive accuracy and is performed periodically.  In addition, VantagePoint customers can now use the software’s nearly 80% predictive accuracy to trade the six major Forex Currency Pairs (also known as Spot Currency) and three of the most actively traded Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  The nine new markets are:

Forex Pairs


(Canadian Dollar) (Japanese Yen) (Swiss Franc) (Australian Dollar) (Euro Currency) (British Pound)


Diamonds (Dow Jones) Spyders (S&P 500) QQQQ (Nasdaq 100)

According to Mr. Mendelsohn, the release of version 6.2 “further strengthens Market Technologies’ position as the world leader in market forecasting software.  Not only are the neural networks up-to-date, ensuring VantagePoint’s high forecasting accuracy, but we have responded to customer demand for the very active Forex and ETF markets”.  Mr. Mendelsohn also stated that Market Technologies’ “R&D is a continuous process.  Traders know that when they come on board as customers, our software will continue to be upgraded to keep it on the cutting edge of trading technology”.

“The number of individuals trading the Forex and ETF markets is growing rapidly and therefore the demand for VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software Version 6.2 is expected to be quite high since VantagePoint is a highly sought after tool by traders” said Mr. Mendelsohn.  He also noted that “we have recently added more personnel to our technical support department so that our current and new customers will continue to receive the excellent customer service that Market Technologies is known to provide.”

About Market Technologies Headquartered in Tampa Bay since it was founded in 1979 by Mr. Mendelsohn, with software customers in over fifty countries worldwide, Market Technologies develops proprietary trend forecasting and market timing technologies that utilize intermarket analysis to forecast various financial and commodity markets, including interest rates, stock indexes, currencies, energies, metals, grains, meats, softs, Forex and ETFs, covering a total of 52 world markets.