Larry Williams Indicators Now Available To VantagePoint Users

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Premium Larry Williams Indicators Now Available To VantagePoint Users

Wesley Chapel, FL, November 27, 2012 – Market Technologies, LLC has teamed up with world-renowned technical analyst and trader, Larry Williams, to bring customers two Premium indicators only available in VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software.

VantagePoint customers will now be able to utilize two exclusive indicators developed by Larry Williams.  The indicators are programmed into the VantagePoint analytical platform and can be used in conjunction with the VantagePoint predictive indicators.  The two Premium indicators are the Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index and the Williams Professional Sentiment Index.

The Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index measures professional accumulation and distribution and is specifically designed for today’s 24-hour electronic markets, a far different world than when Williams first began trading. If prices move higher and this indicator does not, the divergence suggests bearishness; if prices move lower and the indicator does not, the divergence indicates a potential bullish situation.

The Williams Professional Sentiment Index measures the sentiment of professional traders as a group. When they are bullish, prices are likely to move up; when they are bearish, prices are likely to move down. Unlike typical oversold/overbought oscillators, when the Williams Professional Sentiment Index moves above its upper threshold, it does not indicate an overbought situation to short; it suggests going long in line with the bullish professional crowd, or vice versa.

“Larry and I have been friends for nearly 30 years. I am very pleased to partner with him in making these two, never-before-released indicators from his private collection available exclusively to VantagePoint users. I know that by combining Larry’s proprietary work on these two new indicators with my own proprietary work on VantagePoint’s intermarket analysis and neural networks, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. Adding both of Larry’s indicators to your VantagePoint arsenal will pay for itself in spades.” Said Louis Mendelsohn, Technical Analyst and Developer of VantagePoint.

VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis has continued to evolve since first released in 1991. It has helped both novice and veteran traders alike achieve a competitive advantage and superior results. With every new version release, Market Technologies’ Research and Development team continues to improve VantagePoint with greater accuracy and efficiency, expanded global market coverage, and powerful new features and capabilities that thousands of traders worldwide have come to rely upon each day to help them be more successful in their daily trading.  Feedback from VantagePoint users who also have the Premium Larry Williams indicators has been extremely positive.

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