Glenn had a stagnant retirement account that he wanted to spruce up. So in 2007, he invested that money only to take a huge hit with the 2008 financial crisis. Glenn gave up trading at that point until he received an email from VantagePoint that would change his financial situation drastically.

Glenn decided to “take the plunge” and purchase the VantagePoint software, which took him far outside comfort zone. Determined to make it work, his persistence was rewarded as he paid off his investment in just 3 months!

The easy-to-use interface allows him to stay up-to-date on his trading portfolio without a large time investment, a great selling point for someone already working 10 hour days. If Glenn has a question, the VantagePoint support team is always responsive, and available whenever he needs them.

“If someone told me they only had a small trading account, VantagePoint would be worth the investment. As a conservative trader, I use VantagePoint as the basis for everything,” said Glenn.

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