Before VantagePoint, Wayne tried to go with the momentum of trades and found that by the time he got into something “the boat had already left the harbor” and he would be on the wrong side of things. Looking for a way to change his results and do something smart, Wayne came across VantagePoint. The intermarket analysis and the predictive nature of the software intrigued him. The key for Wayne was how VantagePoint took into consideration the global aspects of the markets. He felt this was something lacking in many of his previous tools. Since purchasing the software, VantagePoint has helped Wayne with his money management. It has also given him the confidence to enter more trades and learn how to become a better trader in the process. “If someone asked me if they were to buy the software, I would, without reservation, say definitely yes. VantagePoint is making me money and I’m confident that I will make my money back tenfold over the course of the next several years,” said Wayne.

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