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Indices Trading Information

Trading stock index futures contracts was introduced by the Kansas City Board of Trade in 1982. Stock index futures are traded in the number of contracts. Each contract is to buy or sell a fixed value of the index.

Indices Futures Investing

Trading Stock Index Futures can be profitable for those that are willing to watch the market and follow a strategy for profit.

Because of the possibility of speculative gains using leverage, traders can add flexibility to an investment portfolio. Portfolio managers provide hedging protection for stock portfolios in a falling market by trading stock index futures. Traders can transfer risk quickly and efficiently using stock index futures as trades can be made at any time during the day, just like stocks.

Indices Futures Trading Software

Having the right tool for the job is critical. Indices futures trading is truly an international endeavor. Traders in this sector all have different roads they take towards profit. Ask any trader what trading tools or types of financial analysis he is using and you’re probably going to hear , Fibonacci, Elliotwave, MacDmoving averages, etc. Trading software can be used to augment your existing approach by giving you a broadened perspective. The key to an Indices futures trading system is its ability to forecast moving averages! One of the better software products is VantagePoint trading software that helps you to “see” what is likely to happen in the market that you are trading before other traders (using only single-market analysis) catch wind of it. Frequently the crossover indicator flashes an “early warning” that the Index market is likely to make a top or bottom – before it actually happens!

VantagePoint Trading Software projects moves in the following markets:

Trading Indices Futures with VantagePoint Software

Since 1991 VantagePoint Software has been applying Artificial Intelligence to forecast market trends with up to 87.4% accuracy. With more than 25,000 customers in 114 different countries, VantagePoint is the leading AI trading software for Futures.



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