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Trading futures isn’t easy because of all the factors that affect each market. While futures traders intuitively know about the intermarket relationships, whether it’s the US Dollar Index affecting the price of the grains or crude oil impacting natural gas, they often don’t know how to apply this information to their trading strategies.

VantagePoint gives futures traders strategies and information to quantify the effects these relationships have on a target market. By using its patented neural network processes, VantagePoint can recognize and interpret these intermarket connections between commodities prices to provide short-term forecasts to help traders get into positions at the most opportune time.

Futures Traders Capture More of the Trend

Since futures markets will often have big, trending moves, timing is the key to success. Too often traders miss the onset of a big move because they’re relying on lagging indicators that fail to give them advance warning of a trend change.

VantagePoint provides futures traders with more than a dozen proprietary, forward-looking technical indicators. These indicators analyze price movements to reveal changes in market strength, predict the next day’s high and low trading range and provide a short-term forecast of trend direction, based on the software’s proprietary Neural Index that tells you where prices will close in two days with up to 86% predictive accuracy.

VantagePoint’s short-term price forecasts for futures based on these Neural Index readings are extremely accurate. In independent tests, over many time periods, covering numerous commodities markets, VantagePoint produced predictive accuracy rates that are consistently in the 75%-80% range or better.

VantagePoint is the complete software solution for trading futures in today’s volatile, intertwined markets, where a global, multi-market approach is necessary to be successful as a trader.

Below are the futures and commodities markets offered:

Australian Dollar British Pound Canadian Dollar
E-Mini Euro FX E-Mini Japanese Yen Euro
Japanese Yen Mexican Peso Swiss Franc
U.S. Dollar IDX
Brent Crude E-mini Light Sweet Crude Oil E-mini Natural Gas
Heating Oil Light Sweet Crude Oil Natural Gas
RBOB Gasoline
Canola Corn Kansas City Wheat
Mini Corn Mini Soybeans Mini Wheat
Oats Rough Rice Soybean Meal
Soybean Oil Soybeans Wheat
CAC-40 DAX DJ Euro Stoxx 50
E-Mini S&P 500 FTSE 100 Hang Seng
Mini Russell 2000 NASDAQ Composite Nikkei 225
S&P 100 S&P 500 Share Price Index 200
VIX Index
10 Year U.S. Treasury Notes 2 Year U.S. Treasury Notes 5 Year U.S. Treasury Notes
Euro Bund Eurodollar U.S. Treasury Bonds
Feeder Cattle Lean Hogs Live Cattle
COMEX miNY Gold COMEX miNY Silver Copper
Gold Palladium Platinum
Cocoa Coffee Cotton
Lumber Orange Juice Sugar #11

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