The chatter of China and Greece seems to have subsided as the focus is now on the Fed’s announcement on interest rates. While volatility has definitely settled, the real question is – how is this decision affecting the markets?

If we’re talking interest rates then it only makes sense to look at markets we know have a direct correlation with interest rates such as Gold, the Treasury Bond and the Vix.

In the video below we give you an inside look into how VantagePoint’s Neural Networks are using the short term conditions with interest rates as well as predictive market data to produce forecasts that are up to 86% accurate.

These forecasts afforded traders the ability to capitalize on the following:

  • $3000 gains in gold in just 2 positions over 8 days
  • $2687 per contract in the Treasury Bond in 12 days
  • over $10.00/share in 18 days trading the VXX

VantagePoint Software Forecast