Hot Stocks Outlook for the Week of

March 20, 2020

The Hot Stocks Outlook uses VantagePoint’s market forecasts that are up to 87.4% accurate, demonstrating how traders can improve their timing and direction. In this week’s video, VantagePoint Software reviews forecasts for Boeing (BA), Goodyear Tires (GT),  Steve Madden Shoes (SHOO), Exxon (XOM), and Tyson Foods (TSN)

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This Week’s Hot Stocks Outlook

The Hot Stocks Outlook uses VantagePoint’s market forecasts that are up to 87.4% accurate, demonstrating how traders can improve their timing and direction. In this week’s video, VantagePoint Software reviews forecasts for Boeing (BA), Goodyear Tires (GT),  Steve Madden Shoes (SHOO), Exxon (XOM), and Tyson Foods (TSN)

Hello again traders and welcome back to the Hot Stocks outlook for March 20th, 2020. Hope y’all are having a great week out in the financial markets and there’s always a lot to cover in this week’s outlook. So, we’re going to go ahead and actually really do somewhat of a recap episode. So all of these charts we’ve really focused on over the past few weeks and many of them actually a lot longer than that really recognizing some areas in the weakness. We’ve seen an especially good year, just the shoe companies here we have Steve Madden as an example, also Tyson foods and energies here

Boeing (BA)

But Boeing more recently we have this opportunity that really mirrors the S and P 500 and broadly stocks. And what we’ve seen here with Boeing or what we have is daily price action so we can see each one of these days represents a full and complete trading day and right up against that price action you’ll notice that there is a black line there and also a blue line.

Now the black line that you see there that is a regular or what we refer to as the actual simple moving average. That’s a very common technical indicator in that it really acts as a good measure of where prices have been in the past and that’s because really all the data that generates that indicator is generated from the past. So it looks at the previous 10 closes, adds them all together, divide by 10 and you plot that line moving forward. But what we’re able to compare that value to is this blue line that you see on the chart. And for that value to be generated Vantage Point is performing a very sophisticated type of analysis and actually generating what we refer to as a predicted moving average so a forward looking tool letting you know where average prices are expected to move going forward.

So, rather than just looking at past prices of Boeing, like a simple moving average would, we’re able to look at what’s called intermarket relationships. Now these important market relationships exist in shares of ETFs, they can exist in individual stocks, things like the broader indices like the S and P 500, things like interest rates, things like global currencies, and these are all known to affect and influence the future price specifically of Boeing shares moving forward. So what those neural networks are able to do is understand those relationships and actually forecast and generate predictions. You can think of that as price predictions in the future to use and value into the calculation of this predicted moving average. So what was a lagging tool now a forward looking measure of where are prices expected to go moving forward.

So whenever we see that blue line cross below the black line in this case, which we saw all over the S and P really the 18th 19th and 20th all these stocks starting to turn lower, we actually highlighted this reversal just a few weeks ago in shares of Boeing what was in an uptrend now moving to the downtrend. Now that was when the market was here and an important aspect of this is recognizing whether a trend is likely to continue and therefore you should continue trading that market or whether it’s going to remove to the upside. And so what we’re waiting for is some situation where this blue line crosses above the black line but as long as it stays bearish here you can keep shorting the market. And where there’s a great benefit here is that when you get volatile market, so you see that there’s huge ranges in the daily bars, you have this accurate tool of our predicted high and low and then the predicted neural index guiding you through that volatility moving forward.

So we see here in shares of Boeing down with our neural index you’ll have those areas where this indicator you so see it goes from bullish to bearish back to bearish, this is only looking ahead 48 hours at a time. So we’ll let you know if short term strength or weakness in the market. You see you get a little bit of strength here as the market goes sideways but overwhelmingly those 48 hour forecasts to the downside. In addition, we have a predicted high and low range which I could actually go ahead and bring up those predicted highs and lows and show you how accurate they are on the actual price data that then occurred in the marketplace.

And you see how this works, this accurate guide letting you know that okay well if you want to get involved in this market where should you look to be going ahead and sending short positions? You see not every single day one of these is going to be hit but it adjusts every single day moving forward and letting you know that okay if you want to go ahead and still are focused on this market where can you look to go ahead and stake out a position? So a really nice opportunity here in shares of Boeing and just in the past few days we have certainly seen the market collapse a lot more but this market’s down over 70% just in the past 20 trading days. Just in the past week so well after when we identified the trend is now to the downside the market’s down over 57%.

Goodyear Tires (GT)

Now additionally shares a Goodyear tire, now we brought this in several times over the past couple of months here. So this is a trend that started all the way really in the mid point of December but an area of weakness we’ve identified nonetheless so that even before the markets turn lower around the 20th around here this is an area where you have been short if anything shorting, buying options, but playing that to the downside even while you may have been long, something like Boeing or some of those stocks that had been moving higher earlier in the year.

But very clearly here again let’s bring up that predicted high and low range and you’ll see how accurate these daily forecasts are where is if you’re able to deal with volatility really just over a couple of trading days you’re going to be getting into the market and almost immediately the market moving in that desired direction. You see some days you’ll get these gap ups where you move a little bit outside the range but nonetheless being filled at $7 per share and now you see already crashing below $5 per share. But multiple entries along the way where you can identify that area of weakness in the market, identify that neural index short term weakness and then go in with the help of those daily ranges and make accurate short term forecast and short term trades on the marketplace.

So again, we go back and look at the overall move here and just a huge, huge opportunity to the downside here, we see shares off over 70%. but again just these past couple of weeks a time mark it off over 50% and very clearly seeing that look these markets are still in a downtrend, there’s a lot of short term weakness. Use those predicted highs and lows to go ahead and set short positions in the marketplace if you are prepared to go ahead and make some money during a period like this.

Steve Madden (SHOO)

Here’s Steve Madden’s shoes and again recognizing these areas of weakness in the market. And obviously if there’s an area in the market that’s been weak and then the overall broader market starts to turn lower well those things are really going to have a double condition and double whammy to really drive things exceptionally lower.

We see here with shares of Steve Madden overall this move here is now down over 59% again a lot of that just in the last couple of weeks, 46% decline just over the past couple of weeks of time here. But more importantly is let’s take a look at those predicted high and low ranges. So when we go ahead and bring up those daily ranges we can see that since the market started to turn weak, since this February 20th period, look at how these tools work to say, “Okay, well look, if you want to go ahead and take a position where should you be looking to short those shares?”

And you see that just again exceptional levels intraday but getting you involved in that bigger move as we recognize that predicted moving average, the trend still very much to the downside. So we can see here again just in the past couple of weeks the market’s off over 45% but this isn’t a move where really recognized for the past few months that this is an area of weakness. Again Steve Madden shoes, Skechers Crocs, all of these companies we’ve brought through several times over the weekly stocks outlook as far as candidates to the downside even during the month of January and February here.

Tyson (TSN)

Here’s Tyson foods again one of these areas where again identifying Pilgrim’s Pride, some of these other chicken producers and the level of weakness in shares that have persisted for a while, again long before the S and P 500 and these shares started to turn lower. So you have an area where you can go in and say, “Look, I know there’s already weakness here now I can come in and get that benefit of extra weakness from the S and P 500 and more broadly stocks in general.” And you see how when volatility really picks up and you’ve got gaps in the chart you still have this accurate daily range to go ahead and take action, right? So get a good intraday level involved in that overall trend. But again, if we look at the just overall move here just a huge amount of separation between that predicted moving average and the actual moving average suggesting that there is a very strong downtrend in place and you’d want to go ahead and act accordingly here.

So again, we see shares off overall over 50% to the downside in just the past 41 trading days. And again, that’s the thing that you’ve got to understand is every stock out here can be cut in half relatively quickly, right? So you’re talking about 30, 40, 50% moves are always possible because a market that’s even trading at $1 can go to 50 cents and 25 cents and 5 cents and so you really want to be prepared to make money over periods like this where you’re getting some exceptional moves in asset prices here.

Exxon  (XOM)

ExxonMobil no mystery here as far as what’s gone on in the energy space but we’ve been highlighting ExxonMobil over the past several months in addition to many of the smaller just using this Exxon as a proxy for the broader energy markets. But some of these smaller producers Plains All American and some of these other areas in the industry getting hammered even worse than shares of Exxon. But again wanting to highlight more recently saying, “Okay well if you want to come in and look to short shares of a particular market, here’s Exxon mobile, these predicted high and low ranges getting you filled at the open and these little gap ups but participating in that movement downward.”

And we see obviously before the market even started to turn lower plenty of entries to get on the short side of this move, to get on that bearish trend. And we’ve just had a huge, huge run, especially now as things have really accelerated to the downside here. So looking at shares of Exxon just an absolutely humongous move here, shares off over 50%. so these are not small companies here we’ve got Boeing, Goodyear Tire, Steve Madden, Tyson Foods, ExxonMobil, almost all of these down over 50% just over the really past month of time, a lot of that accelerating.

But what we’ve seen very clearly is Vantage Point doing its jobs first forecasting where is that persistent weakness in the market? Where can I stake out a position? And then having the tools that if you’re shorter term saying, “Okay, well if I need to go ahead and take a position over this past couple of weeks where volatility is really starting to heat up where are those intraday levels where I can come in and get a position on somewhere?” And you see that the software is doing an excellent job in this volatility still getting you some great entry levels and not getting fooled by short term pops and moves in the market, the trends still very much to the downside. So once again this has been our hot stocks outlook for March 20th, 2020 thank you all for watching. Best of luck and bye for now.