Today I am going to ask you one question that is the foundation of my company, Vantagepoint Software, and all artificial intelligence.


What is the worst trade that you have ever made?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But if you think about that question for only a second you will see that the very next question it triggers is what opens the floodgates of wisdom.

Here it is….

“What did you learn from that experience?”

Everybody has had horrible trades.  The difference between the winners and losers in life is that the winners learned very powerful lessons from their losses.

Artificial intelligence is so powerful because it learns what doesn’t work, remembers it and then focuses on other paths to find a solution.  This is the Feedback Loop that is responsible for building the fortunes of every successful trader I know.

If you think about this question, for only a minute, you will begin to appreciate that ai applies mistake prevention to discover what is true and workable.    This is also known as the Scientific Method which asks questions, analyzes results and refines outcomes to determine the optimal path to success.

Artificial Intelligence applies mistake prevention as a continual process 24 hours a day, 365 days a year towards whatever problem it is looking to solve.

That should get you pretty excited because it is a game changer.

Imagine how this can help your trades!

This past November I was interviewed by Nasdaq to discuss Artificial Intelligence and how our software Vantagepoint fared with the recent market volatility.  Here is the video:

At the time of the interview, the media was terrified of an economic slowdown and lagging retail sales.   The stock market downturn in October was fresh in everyone’s minds.  (Vantagepoint caught that move down in October as well as the up move in early January.)

Why didn’t the brilliant PhD economists see that volatility in advance?

Key takeaways:  People take comfort in doing what everyone else is doing, and if they are wrong, at least they are wrong with “everyone else.”  While reporters want to discuss esoteric economic ideas, my only loyalty is to the trend!  This is how artificial intelligence simplifies and empowers traders.

How does your trading compare to ai?  I’ll discuss that in my next email which you will receive in two days.

Until then,

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VantagePoint Trading Software, which predicts market trends with up to 87.4% accuracy, was first introduced in 1991. VantagePoint’s high-probability forecasts of market trend direction helps traders anticipate changes in price direction, rather than merely identifying trends after the fact, and gives them confidence to take trading signals. The accuracy of VantagePoint’s Predictive Neural Index has been verified by several PhDs who also trade in the markets.

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