VantagePoint : Louis B. Mendelsohn Asked to Author Article for Stock, Futures and Options Magazine

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Louis B. Mendelsohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Asked to author an Intermarket Analysis Article for Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine (SFO) to appear as a cover story in the November 2007 issue.

Wesley Chapel, FL — It’s one thing when peers in your industry and thousands of Trading customers in over 90 countries validate your technical analysis approach. It’s quite another when the Editor of the self-proclaimed Official Journal for Personal Investing features you in her November Editor’s Note Section while asking you for a Cover Story.

For Louis Mendelsohn, Intermarket Analysis pioneer and developer of VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software, one of the world’s most accurate Trend Forecasting tools, it provided continued validation of his vision in 2007.

 “The unseen network has a particularly strong influence in the financial world.   Events in one country can affect economic and political situations worldwide,” writes Heather Larson-Blakestad, Editorof Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine (SFO) in the November 2007 issue.   “The interconnectedness of global economics and politics these days is so tight that more than one issue may be the cause of a significant change, such as this summer’s prime debt collapse in the U.S., which in turn provides a catalyst for further changes in other areas and so on.”

“If they had not realized it before, this summer’s market turmoil that started in the United States and quickly spread elsewhere drove home an important message to foreign currency traders worldwide,” Mendelsohn writes in SFO’s Ripple Effect Looms Large in FX Markets article.  “The financial markets are globally intertwined and should not be considered in isolation from one another.”

Larson-Blakestad, Editor of Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine – writes about trading software pioneer Louis Mendelsohn’s  Intermarket-based approach to technical analysis in compelling fashion while referencing his Cover Story in SFO’s Editor’s Note:

“Because of this, it behooves traders to take a broad view of the markets to help determine potential moves in a single market.  For individual retail traders, it can seem difficult, if not impossible, to account for all of the potential causes of market action.  Might I suggest you try applying the sociology theory of six degrees of separation to economic markets…Perhaps you had better stick with the advice of an actual trading expert instead. 

Louis B. Mendelsohn argues in “Ripple Effects Loom Large in FX Markets” that Intermarket analysis is especially wise in today’s global economy and for FX traders in particular.   With the myriad influences on currency price, individual traders may be overwhelmed with fundamental data concerning various currencies.  However, Mendelsohn provides tips on how to incorporate information from other markets, even those that appear unrelated to one another, into one’s technical analysis for Forex trading.  In these uncertain economic times, intermarket analysis could provide an added edge to your trading, which then could leave you with more time to figure out if your existence is directly related to a world figure’s assassination.”

These comments substantiate and reaffirm for any naysayers that Mendelsohn’s intermarket approach, while seemingly radical back in the 1980’s when he first put forth the notion that traders need to look externally at related markets, is not only important, but critical for anyone trading or investing in stocks, futures, currencies, or any of the world’s interconnected markets.

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