Simply stated, VantagePoint Software has designed the best predictive currencies software on the Market. I’ve been a currencies trader for two years. My equity curve has been, in and out of the toilet, more in than out. Sound familiar? I was dissatisfied with my trade plan, was forever tweaking it, and also constantly adding indicators to no good effect. A friend recently referred me to VantagePoint. I researched the company, was impressed with the 87.4% success rate and the interactive markets analysis based on 25 years of global socio-economic-political data. Eureka! I knew I’d found the program providing the macro ‘helicopter view’ I needed. I bought the currencies package that day. I had known for a long time that a trade plan, an arsenal of indicators and a daily reading of Forex news was not sufficient to give one ”the big picture”, as evidenced by my equity curve. The rare trader is intuitive. Alas, I am not one of those. Other traders, like me, need the kind of integrated long-term data provided by VantagePoint. No other program delivers like this one. The software works, the IntelliScan tool is sheer genius. You’re in and out of the data in 10 – 20 minutes and in trades that work. Check it out and you’ll be a believer too. Also: I can’t say enough about Customer Service and Tech Support representatives. They are almost always immediately accessible and really know what they’re doing. I am convinced that VantagePoint is THE road to successful trading. My new trade record speaks to that fact. I’m just your average person, so, if it works for me, it will work for any aspiring trader. Don’t spend another day trying to trade without it.