I found myself a victim of the Pump and Dump stocks. Too many times I would read about these quick 200% gain eye catchers that I would buy into. I would watch the stock move upward, then the next day it would have plunged into oblivion. My husband and I would wonder just how that happened, so I started doing more research. I learned there are companies that pay people to pump up a stock then when it hits their mark, they sell it. (Leaving people like me holding a rather empty bag.) It was during this time that I realized I had been duped, and it was time for me to get smart if I was going to use our hard earned money in the stock market. While trying to find legitimate stock advisers and trainers online, I came across VantagePoint. I decided to try them and have saved myself a lot of money. I first looked at the stocks I already had to see where they were going. By using this tool, I have dumped a lot of useless stocks and I am truly glad I did. (I would have lost my shirt on several of them.) My trainer, Lisa, very patiently explained how VP works and showed me where I was interpreting certain stock charts wrong. (I had never worked with candles before.) I have become a more savvy and disciplined investor. Thus, by using this product, I have saved myself a lot of heart ache, frustration, and money.