I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me with my VantagePoint experience. It certainly has been an interesting learning experience and there have been several who have made this a lot easier for those of us who are on the learning curve, shall we call it. I heard about and learned of VantagePoint a few months back and after much deliberation decided to try it out. They assigned to me a gentleman, who’s name was Paul, as my coach and trainer. God bless Paul because I know I put him through his paces. He was very kind and gracious and of great help. He was always very quick in getting back with me on any questions that I had, which is essential when you are talking about the markets. Some companies get back with you 12-24 hours later, which can be way too late when, dealing with the markets. But if I sent an email to Paul with a question about a chart, even after business hours, he would always have the answer back to me before 8:30 my time. I greatly appreciate his expediency, attention and help he provided me and the fact that he never seemed to mind going over the same points several times if needed, until I grasped the concept. He also helped me with some things that may have seemed so simple to others who have been trading for a season, and yet are essential to young traders, such as learning how to determine which trade to go with the next day. If the market futures are pointing to open up, then go with the trade that is going with that trend. This may seem so obvious but can be easily overlooked in your eagerness to get started. Paul was great. Another great advantage that helped me settle on VantagePoint was learning that the neural index is 80% accurate. Those are fantastic odds and with the predicted lows and highs it really helped me to get into the trades at a price where I could realize a quick profit. It also, with the predicted highs and lows, showed me where to get out in order to minimize my losses. This is a fantastic day trading tool as well as a fantastic predictor of those who enjoy longer trading times with the triple crossover settings. Another reason I chose VantagePoint is that I have little time to do as much research as I would like to when it comes to trading. My husband and I pastor a church in central Missouri as well as own our own HVAC/Electrical business. Our lives and schedules are extremely busy and thus one of the reasons I chose VantagePoint. This tool has cut my time spent in preparation every evening from hours to about 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to be ready for the next day’s trading session. I now have more time to set back and relax knowing that the odds, remember about 80%, are on my side of being right in the next day’s trading.