I am not one who usually writes about my experiences with products or services, however, in the case of VantagePoint, I must make an exception. I have been using the software for about three years now. Ever since the first call with Lisa, my Relationship Account Manager, she has kept me informed about VantagePoint’s capabilities, features, and updates. She has provided training to me or helped me find the right resource, whenever I had a quick question. The service group has been a tremendous help on the few occasions I needed technical assistance. VantagePoint has become the basis of my trading process and I try not to enter any positions where I have not first reviewed in VantagePoint. I usually end my trading day by downloading the updates from the TradersOnly data feed, reviewing my existing positions, looking for new opportunities, and evaluating my plans for the next trading day. I also utilize VantagePoint during the trading day, if I want to evaluate a position for a short term trade as well. I can honestly say that it has exceeded my expectations and helped me be more successful in my trading.